Laurence Tianruo Yang, PhD (杨天若)

Professor, School of Electronic Engineering
Research Building, Room B428-1, Xiyuan Road 2006#,
High Tech. Zone Chengdu, Sichuan 611731, P. R. China



  • BE degree in Computer science and Engineering from Tsinghua, BeiJing, China, in 1992
  • Vice PhD degree in Computer science from Linkoping university ,Sweden , in 1996
  • PhD degree in Computer science from University of Victoria, Canada , in 2006

Research Areas

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Embedded and Ubiquitous/Pervasive Computing

Work Experiences

  • Oct. 2015 ~ now: Full Professor, UESTC, China
  • Sep. 2012 ~ Aug. 2015: Full Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,China
  • Jun. 2009 ~ now: Full Professor, St. Francis Xavier University,Canada
  • Jun. 2007 ~ May. 2009: Associate Professor , St. Francis Xavier University,Canada
  • Jun. 2001 ~ May. 2007: Assistant Professor , St. Francis Xavier University,Canada
  • Jun. 1999 ~ May. 2001: , Lecturer, St. Francis Xavier University,Canada

Academic Activities

  • Publications:
    • X. Huan, B. Wang, Y. Mo, L. T. Yang*: Rechargeable router placement based on efficiency and fairness in green wireless mesh networks. Computer Networks 78: 83-94 (2015)
    • W. Wang, P. Xu, L. T. Yang*, H. Li: A design for cloud-assisted Fair-Play Management System of online contests with provable security. Future Generation Comp. Syst. 52: 137-146 (2015).
    • Q. Zhang, Z. Chen, L. T. Yang*: A nodes scheduling model based on Markov chain prediction for big streaming data analysis. Int. J. Communication Systems 28(9): 1610-1619 (2015).
    • J. Wang, Z. Yan, L. T. Yang*, B. Huang: An approach to rank reviews by fusing and mining opinions based on review pertinence. Information Fusion 23: 3-15 (2015).
    • Y. Yao, L. T. Yang*, N. Xiong: Anonymity-Based Privacy-Preserving Data Reporting for Participatory Sensing. IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2(5): 381-390 (2015).
    • J. Wang, X. Zhu, L. T. Yang*, J. Zhu, M. Ma: Towards dynamic real-time scheduling for multiple earth observation satellites. J. Comput. Syst. Sci. 81(1): 110-124 (2015).
    • C. Luo, G. Min, F. R. Yu, Y. Zhang, L. T. Yang*, V. C. M. Leung: Joint Relay Scheduling, Channel Access, and Power Allocation for Green Cognitive Radio Communications. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 33(5): 922-932 (2015)
    • B. Wang, X. Huan, L. T. Yang*, Y. Mo: Hybrid Placement of Internet Gateways and Rechargeable Routers with Guaranteed QoS for Green Wireless Mesh Networks. MONET 20(5): 543-555 (2015)
    • B. Wang, X. Huan, L. T. Yang*, Y. Mo: Hybrid Placement of Internet Gateways and Context-Aware User Association for Energy Cost Saving in a Green Heterogeneous Network with Hybrid Energy Supplies. MONET 20(6): 802-816 (2015)
    • Z. Wan, N. Xiong, L. T. Yang*: Cross-layer video transmission over IEEE 802.11e multihop networks. Multimedia Tools Appl. 74(1): 5-23 (2015)
    • B. Wang, S. Zhou, L. T. Yang*, Y. Mo: Indoor positioning via subarea fingerprinting and surface fitting with received signal strength. Pervasive and Mobile Computing 23: 43-58 (2015)
    • F. Zhao, J. Liu, J. Zhou, H. Jin, L. T. Yang*: LS-AMS: An Adaptive Indexing Structure for Realtime Search on Microblogs. IEEE Trans. Big Data 1(4): 125-137 (2015)
    • X. Zhu, C. Chen, L. T. Yang*, Y. Xiang: ANGEL: Agent-Based Scheduling for Real-Time Tasks in Virtualized Clouds. IEEE Trans. Computers 64(12): 3389-3403 (2015)
    • C. Zhu, H. Nicanfar, V. C. M. Leung, L. T. Yang*: An Authenticated Trust and Reputation Calculation and Management System for Cloud and Sensor Networks Integration. IEEE Trans. Information Forensics and Security 10(1): 118-131 (2015)
    • H. Ning, H. Liu, L. T. Yang*: Aggregated-Proof Based Hierarchical Authentication Scheme for the Internet of Things. IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst. 26(3): 657-667 (2015)


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