Research Overview

Our laboratory is interested in 2D/3D digital image processing.

Specific topics we are interested in and researching currently are:

  • parallel and distributed computing
  • embedded and ubiquitous/pervasive computing and intelligence
  • high performance computing and networking
  • 2D/3D Video Processing
  • Big Data Real-Time Processing
  • 3DTV and Free Viewpoint TV System
  • Visual Quality Assessment
  • Multiview Video Compression
  • Intelligent Vision System
  • Pattern Recoginition
  • Wireless Networking
  • Wireless Communication
  • Mobile Computing
  • Computer Networks

Error Concealment in Video Codec

In order to enhance the video quality when packet losses appear in transmission, we have found satisfied method and shown persuasive simulation results. We will go on search for better solutions in H.264 and HEVC.

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Big Data Real-time Processing

It aims at building a system that can process large amount of data in low latency. An entire system based on Storm, associated with Rabbit MQ, NoSQL and JSP has been built by our lab.

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Mode Decision

We search new algorithms to improve the efficience and quality of video coding.

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2D/3D Video Quality Assessment

We investigate human visual system that affect visual quality of a stereoscopic image. We also develop an objective metric that evaluate the perceptual quality of a stereo image based on binocular suppresion model.

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Pattern Recognition

We are developing an intelligent recognition system that exactly recognize and detect the physiological information of fingerprint face.

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